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Police: Missing Norcross child found safe

  • Search for survivors in storm-ravaged south Ga.

  • Man attacked by dogs near where boy was killed

  • Boston columnist blasts Falcons, fans

  • Calhoun business under fire

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  • Forsyth County massage parlor employee arrested for prostitution

  • Police: Officer shoots at dog in southwest Atlanta

  • Police: Missing Norcross child found safe

  • Man wanted in deputy-involved crash caught

FOX 5 I-Team

  • Atlanta contractor accused of bribery was threatened

  • Can struggling Dome neighborhood ever Rise Up too?

  • Atlanta contractor accused of paying million dollars in bribes for city contracts

Good Day Atlanta

  • Roswell Restaurant Week runs through Feb. 1

  • What would you sacrifice to go to the Super Bowl?

  • 2017 Academy Award nominations announced

  • Can too many renters spoil a community?

FOX Medical Team

  • Why your smartphone could be ruining your sleep

  • Men get thyroid disease, too

  • How to choose the right over-the-counter pain medication for you


  • Atlanta Falcons defeat Green Bay in NFC Championship game, advance to Super Bowl LI

  • Falcons and fans celebrate NFC Championship victory, Super Bowl berth

  • Motivational t-shirts help focus Falcons run

  • Falcons' Shanahan will have another meeting with 49ers



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    Travel delays - Friday

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    Folks preparing for... fun!

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    Feed the hungry

  • Ft. Lauderdale airport shooting

    Ft. Lauderdale airport shooting

  • DOT's Mission Control

    DOT's Mission Control

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